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Student Resources

Academic success for college students correlates closely and directly to student resources. As student resources decline, academic performance declines (Payne 87). This is an important concept to grasp if higher education is to be a leveler or equalizer in society, because students from upper SES backgrounds routinely … Continue reading

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Matching Students with Campus Groups

On Sunday, our minister announced a new online service called GroupMatch (www.groupmatch.org). The goal of the service is to help individuals that attend the church find various groups at the church they may like to join. Looking to help with the … Continue reading

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Multivariate Model

Just read an interesting post at Phil Ebersole’s Blog titled “Can we grade the teachers?.” Ebersole talks about the recent LA Times coverage of LAUSD teachers and the evaluation of their performance. A substantial string of comments follow the post and most of them are … Continue reading

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Measuring Pedagogy

Hacker and Dreifus’ (Higher Education? How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids — and What We Can Do About It) have recently taken the university system to task, arguing that American colleges and universities are no longer focused primarily … Continue reading

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