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Spirituality and Success

One common trait that is often found in successful people is a well-developed and mature spiritual life. This most often comes through a religious practice of some sort, but it can be found in very secular lifestyles as well. I feel … Continue reading

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Building Relationships with Lower SES Students

First generation college students and lower SES college students often come to us with relationship deficits (Payne 107-117). What Payne means by this is while they are just as likely to come from backgrounds with loving relationships, they are less likely to have … Continue reading

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Student Resources

Academic success for college students correlates closely and directly to student resources. As student resources decline, academic performance declines (Payne 87). This is an important concept to grasp if higher education is to be a leveler or equalizer in society, because students from upper SES backgrounds routinely … Continue reading

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Ridiculed for Learning

Students that enter the academy as first generation college students typically grow up in communities where degrees from institutions of higher education are not prevalent. This means that while they may be raised with deeply loving relationships, they are also likely raised in … Continue reading

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