Roadrunner Down

FADE IN. EXTERIOR. CRAFTON HILLS COLLEGE QUAD. DAY. A student stands overwhelmed, not sure where the “Classroom Building” is. Other students walk past briskly. Class starts in 10 minutes. Her anxiety rises. She needs help right now. What do you recommend?  

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24 Responses to Roadrunner Down

  1. Tina Marie Gimple says:

    Look for the green canopys! Answer Centers are all over campus, usually near lots. Hopefully these locations are posted on the webpage.

  2. Liz Langenfeld says:

    If for some reason you don’t see one of the green canopy Answer Centers, walk into any building (classroom or office) and ask for directions…or stop anyone you can to ask. Don’t feel shy. Campus personnel are more than happy to help you.

  3. Christopher Cassadas says:

    Students like myself walking past must be aware of the environment that’s around them. If so the person lost can easily be identified and the opportunity to reach out and help can be obtained.

    These are the experiences that will allow students to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Yes even if it’s as simple as walking the other student to his or her class even while becoming late themselves. But where one helps one is ultimately giving love, and that is the most important thing in the world.

    These are just my opinions.
    Thank you.

    • Belle Pham says:

      I totally agree with you, Christopher. People nowadays seem very apathetic to things happen around them – in my general observation. I believe that CHC students are more considerate than that.
      Plus, I was lost this morning and The Answer Center was very helpful. Thank you!

    • bryanreece says:

      I really like this suggestion. I makes me think that I should send out an email to returning students every semester, encouraging them to keep an eye out for new students who need help. Thanks for this comment!

  4. Hanz Castillo says:

    Make an iphone/android app for Crafton Hills that includes maps, live chat rooms, and picture references to buildings

  5. Michelle Harding says:

    Personally, I help out anyone I might see that is uncertain or looking around. This past semester I helped a hand full of students looking for their classroom or admissions office. I have gone to Crafton…well, let’s just say for awhile now . We as students are all in this together! If I was a person looking for help though, I would go to the green canopy that have set up randomly through out the campus or ask a fellow student.

  6. JoAnn Jones says:

    I smile, look them in the eye and ask may I help. Then respond that would be the CL building. I ask have you seen the clock tower….(a close landmark that is tall) I share I have a map right here. I Put a dot on the map Give them the map. Ask what room they are looking for and indicate the first or second level. Point them in the direction of the Classroom building Remind them as they walk they will see other green canopies on their journey. They can also help. I know this was TMI.

  7. Sean Junior says:

    I would definitely look for the green banisters or at least look for someone who can help. also the staff can help too.

  8. Brandon Dickerson says:

    Look on the back cover of the student hand book. It has a map of the entire campus.

  9. William Jedi says:

    I think that the start of the semester is a great opportunity for ‘seasoned’ students help the ‘fresh’ students. There is an opportunity if the EMT students, Medic students, and Fire tech students, were in uniform to not only show support for new students, but also to raise awareness of the different programs available at Crafton.

    • bryanreece says:

      I love this idea. If students have some kind of clothing that indicates that have been here a while (Fire cadet uniform, Student Senate shirt, etc.), they would like be asked questions from new students.

  10. Michael Silversmith says:

    Ask for help!

  11. Jonathan Perrz says:

    Hello I think you Crafton should put more noticeable maps around the campus.ex. Middle of the quad

  12. Jaelin Palmer says:

    You should have the Student Life Office’s number saved. Anyone who answers the phone there could help you find it. Or they can send someone over to show you where to go too.

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