Matching Students with Campus Groups

On Sunday, our minister announced a new online service called GroupMatch ( The goal of the service is to help individuals that attend the church find various groups at the church they may like to join. Looking to help with the food bank–go to GroupMatch. Want to find a women’s Bible study–go to GroupMatch. You get the idea.

The announcement prompted a thought. Are there similar services available for colleges and universities? Literature is pretty solid on the finding that College students need to get plugged into their campus communities if they are going to be successful; however, it is often difficult for new students to find their groups. This is why so many students experience a case of mild depression during their first few months.  I know Facebook and Myspace have dedicated group areas and I thought there would be a few sites dedicated to this service; however, a simple Google search does not yield as many resources as I assumed would exist.

Q: Do you know of any  best practices in this area? Do you know of model examples where Facebook or Myspace are used for organizing, promoting and finding campus groups? Any particularly good examples from offices of student activities?

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