The Sticky Campus

Getting students to engage at a commuter school is particularly challenging. Students are too easily tempted to park, go to class and drive back home. How do you make a campus sticky? Give me some ideas.

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Students Tweeting in the Back Row Driving You Crazy?

Students tweeting in the back row driving you crazy? Some faculty members are suggesting we flip this by recognizing mobile devices as an educational tool that can enrich rather than distract the class. A few colleagues sent an article¹ to me on smartphones in the classroom. The author provides 44 suggestions on how the phone/tablet/laptop can be used to enrich the classroom experience for students and faculty. He categorizes them into 5 general categories, saying mobile devices in the classroom can be used to improve collaboration, communication, creation, coordination and curation. Setting the alliteration aside, the content is pretty good. What do you think?

A Few Notes on Access: According to a recent Harris Poll², college students nation-wide are well connected with regard to the digital world.

  • 54% use a single mobile device during a typical school day
  • 89% use a laptop for college-related work every week
  • 56% use a smartphone for college-related work every week
  • 33% use a tablet for college-related work on a weekly basis
  • 96% have wireless Internet access at home
  • 91% have wireless access on campus



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A Tablet in Hand

If you give a faculty member a tablet, all of her students a tablet and surround the class with the infrastructure needed to support this technology, what do you think will happen to the teaching and learning environment? Improve? Decline? Other?

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How to put the best foot forward!

In two weeks, we will have a few thousand new students starting Crafton Hills College. Most of them will be stepping on to a college campus for the first time in their lives. They need your good advice. What should they do to make the first week a successful week?

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Most Memorable Scene

Was there a moment you knew you belonged in college? A specific moment you engaged? Describe it.

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Roadrunner Down

FADE IN. EXTERIOR. CRAFTON HILLS COLLEGE QUAD. DAY. A student stands overwhelmed, not sure where the “Classroom Building” is. Other students walk past briskly. Class starts in 10 minutes. Her anxiety rises. She needs help right now. What do you recommend?  

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Freak Week Next Week!

Locate parking. Add classes. Buy books. Calendar exams. See friends. Rise early. Pay fees. Study late. Stand in line. Read syllabi. Find classes. Meet professors. Take notes. Start readings . . . Repeat all week.

Any advice for someone who is going through this for the first time?

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